When brain tumors or brain cancer (BT/BC) strikes a family it is often devastating.  We know and understand this not because someone told us, but rather because we have lived it ourselves.  Being given a BT/BC diagnosis is both frightening and overwhelming in many ways.  We know how confusing it can be to sort through all of the information that you are given in those first few hours; how difficult it is to select and decide on the right treatment protocol; and, how emotionally taxing and chaotic it can be to keep all of your friends and family engaged and informed about your status.

Again, we know all of this because we’ve been there ourselves.  We have also learned the hard way, that cancer treatment is first and foremost big business.  Hospitals and treatment centers, research facilities and pharmaceutical companies are all part of this business culture in which you now find yourself immersed.  As shocking as this may sound to you, your best interest is not always congruent with those of the environment you find yourself in.  That is why MBTC is committed to developing a strong Patient Advocacy Program, centered on the establishment and universal adoption of a Brain Tumor Patients’ Bill of Rights.

We know that getting our Brain Tumor Patients’ Bill of Rights accepted and adopted in the healthcare industry will be an uphill battle; but we also know it is vitally needed.  We urge you to join the coalition today and help make this goal a reality.  If we; the patients, friends, family and caregivers of BT/BC patients unite in this effort we will present a formidable stance against those who would seek to keep us from taking charge of our healthcare.